Assembly & Testing

To complement our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, Renown Engineering has in-house assembly and testing facilities that ensure we are able to meet our client’s additional project needs.


Renown Engineering can complete the final assembly of complex components to deliver fully furnished, functional products. We can provide:

  • In-house assembly
  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Pneumatic assembly
  • Mechanical assembly


Renown Engineering operates a range of verification techniques, including pressure testing and NDT testing such as MPI, UT and DPI.

Our testing range is from the first article of inspection to the functional test of assemblies. In-house verification also allows Renown Engineering to test fabrication and welding during the manufacturing process.

Turnkey packages can be provided which includes design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing, full control systems and bespoke pallets & tooling. 

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