For over 25 years, Renown Engineering has supplied the UK MOD and other defence sector customers with high integrity, critical components.

Renown Engineering is proud to have supplied fabrication, welding, machining and other engineering services for all recent major UK defence Land Vehicle Programmes, and continues to support prime contractors delivering into vehicle production and defence support programmes.


Our experience includes:

  • Top-decks
  • Cupolas
  • Louvered hatches
  • Road wheels
  • Running gear components


Embargoed to 0001 Wednesday June 5. A Terrier armoured digger, which can be controlled by remote control during an unveilling at the Defence Armoured Vehicle Centre, Bovington, Dorset.

As a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) we are able to respond rapidly to urgent operational requirements (UORs). Renown Engineering is honoured to have received commendations for support of UORs for recent contracts undertaken for the MOD.

Speciality Material and Finishes

We have significant experience of fabricating and machining aluminium armour, armoured steels, high strength steels and maraging steels. Having approved welding procedures across a comprehensive range of materials allows us to fully service our customers’ individual requirements.

We provide finished products to Def Stan procedures within our enclosed environmentally controlled paint facility.



Renown Engineering has managed many significant refurbishment projects involving the running gear on many tracked vehicles and other defence equipment.

This work has included programmes to refurbish road wheels, top rollers, track tensioners and various trailers. Large fabricated items such as launching mechanisms have been repaired in both armoured and maraging steels.


High Build Epoxy is also available, which provides excellent resistance to wear, acidic contact and industrial usage whilst retaining an attractive aesthetic.

Turnkey packages can be provided which includes design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing, full control systems and bespoke pallets & tooling. 

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