Pensher Skytech work on BP South Caucasus Pipeline Project











Pensher Skytech is continuing with the second part of significant oil and gas project.

Pensher is working with ENKA, a Turkish engineering and construction company as part of South Caucasus Pipeline Company and BP’s South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project (SCPX). We had previously worked on this project last year, designing and installing a range of blast and fire resistant products for the facilities that run alongside the pipeline.

ENKA have called upon Pensher Skytech’s specialised skillset and range of products for a further £450,000. The work consists of 36 bespoke, high specification steel blast resistant door sets, steel fire resistant door sets, and 16 blast resistant window units.

The SCPX requires two new compressor stations in Georgia, six valve stations (one in Georgia and five in Azerbaijan), as well as pressure reduction and metering stations. Pensher’s products are therefore required to be of the upmost safe design and quality build.

The 692km South Caucasus Pipeline has been designed to transport gas from Shah Deniz field into the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, through Georgia and on to the Georgia-Turkey border. It is envisaged that the pipeline will export up to 25 billion cubic metres of gas a year. The pipeline has been operational since late 2006, but the expansion, which sees new pipeline across Azerbaijan, hopes to see triple the gas volumes exported.

Pensher Skytech is thrilled they can utilise a range of their skillsets and products and work with these significant oil and gas companies and be part of an important and substantial project such as this.