Project Engineer, Lydia, Speaks at Zurich Conference

Renown Engineering is proud to have seen their project engineer, Lydia, presenting at a conference in Zurich, Switzerland last week.

Lydia attended the 19th International Conference on Metal Forming and Machining Processes (ICMFMP) where she presented her research paper – Process Optimisation for Internal Cylindrical Rough Turning of Nickel Alloy 625 Weld Overlay.

The conference, which was hosted by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is an event where researchers, scientists and academics join together to share their research, experiences and recent innovations in metal forming and machining processes.

After returning, Lydia said, ‘It was a privilege to present at the conference in Zurich, and share the achievements from my KTP project. It was a great event and I enjoyed speaking to people in a similar field, and learning about their work.’

Lydia joined Renown Group as a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Associate in partnership with Northumbria University. Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a UK-wide programme where a university employs a recent graduate to lead and work on a specific project for a company with the aim to bring academic knowledge and new skills to drive the business forward.Lydia-KTP-Renown-Engineering-KTP-Zurich-Conference

Working at the Renown Oil and Gas site in Washington, Lydia was able to complete her KTP programme. She has contributed to improving Renown’s prospects in the oil and gas industry by optimising the production. Lydia worked hard to improve the manufacture of superalloy cladded components for offshore marine applications. The project outcome will bring improvement in workflow, quality and productivity, and an increase in turnover. Lydia has produced three high-quality research papers on the project, which has helped provide a further insight into the field.

Dale Dreyer, Quality Manager at Renown Oil and Gas and KTP Supervisor said, ‘We’re really proud of the work that Lydia has done. She’s been getting some great results, and we’re glad to see her paper doing so well. We look forward to seeing what else she brings to the company.’

The KTP programme was successfully completed at the end of March 2017. Lydia has now joined Renown Group as a full-time Project Engineer, working from our manufacturing site in Cramlington.

You can find more information about Lydia’s work below:

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